Enviro Detect

Measures air temperature, relative humidity, the concentrations of ammonia, carbon dioxide, and ventilation rate. The software component of Enviro-Detect™ monitors the concentrations and calculate emission rates of the different airborne pollutants. 

Weight Detect

Contactless weighing system. Provides daily report on total pen weight and average animal weight. Growth can be benchmarked for each pen, shed, batch and/or for farm. The system identifies variance within the sample (i.e. identifies if sorting would be beneficial). Consolidates feed conversion (i.e. How efficient is the feed?). Identifies potential health problems through growth.

Feed Detect

Technology for measuring feed consumption. The Feed Detect system has been designed to provide accurate measurements of feed weight delivered to individual animal pens. The dynamic data from each Feed Detect sensor is transmitted to a local data processing hub where all the main processing functions of a group of Feed Detect sensors are carried out within a single processor.


(Automated Data Analysis and Management System) is an advanced decision support systems for producers. ADAMS couples on-farm performance and resources from your farm with sophisticated computer decision support software. It models your animals unique per