Our mission

InnoTech Vision supports livestock production

Our main focus is research and development in the area of intensive animal production. We combine the latest research, innovative technologies and on farm practises to provide advice on improvements in productivity, profitability and animal welfare.

Provides technologies for smart livestock farming

  • Help farmers by providing meaningful data they can act upon.
  • Improve living conditions of farmed animals,
  • Reduce the environmental impact of intensive animal farming.


Our area of services

Research and Development

Our two main areas of research and development are:

  1. environmental management of livestock buildings (to investigate the impact of environmental quality on livestock health, welfare and productivity) and
  2. Precision Livestock Farming.

Project Management

We coordinate and participate in numerous national and international research projects in the area of our expertise. We also initiate new project ideas and develop collaborative projects. 

On Farm Trials

We have close working relationship with livestock producers in many different countries. We successfully test and develop innovative technologies on pig, poultry and cattle farms.